Hop for Visibility, Awareness, and Equality.


Are you ready to hop?

The Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia has changed names. Welcome to the Hop for Visibility, Awareness, and Equality.

If you were not aware, the blog hop is intended to raise awareness about the need for visibility for transgender and bisexual folks by linking blogs that are safe spaces, and contain related content. To encourage people to visit all the hop partners, each participating blog is giving away a prize during the event. This site will be giving away one copy of The Role by Richard Taylor Pearson (Lethe Press, 2016). 

Release Day for The Role


It’s here! It’s finally here! Happy book birthday to The Role by Richard Taylor Pearson!

Mason Burroughs is an actor on the verge of giving up after being turned away at audition after audition. But his life changes when he bumps into Kevin Caldwell, an old crush from acting school. Kevin helps Mason land a role that could make him the next Broadway star. However, as rehearsals begin, Mason learns that there’s a lot more drama than just what’s on stage. With a personal trainer claiming he can mold his body to resemble a Greek statue, an underhanded understudy waiting in the wings to replace him, a megalomaniacal director, and Kevin hellbent on breaking up Mason and his boyfriend, Mason must choose how much he is willing to sacrifice to make his Broadway dream a reality.

Releasing Late Spring of 2016

Order here:


Creatures of the Night panel discussion

received_10206459772433177.jpegSaints and Sinners Literary Festival 2016.

Saturday April 2nd, 1 PM – CREATURES OF THE NIGHT

If writers are supposed to “write what you know”—how do you create supernatural beings like vampires and werewolves and witches, oh my? Can you make up your own rules, or do you have to follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before? Once considered a “low” genre, horror has redefined itself over the last few decades, expanding in many different directions, and has taken on topics and themes once considered the purview of “high literature.” Join us as we talk about redefining the field of paranormal fiction, and the difficulties LGBTQ writers face as they work to get their voices heard.

Panelists: N.S. Beranek, ‘Nathan Burgoine, Mary Griggs, Jerry Rabushka, and Jeffrey Ricker. Moderator: Candice Huber. Hotel Monteleone, Royal Salon C.

Saints and Sinners 2016


It’s that time of year again! Writers, editors, agents and others involved in creating and promoting work by, for, and/or concerning the LGBT community share their knowledge and network during three jam-packed days of master classes, panel discussions, readings and, of course, parties. Do not miss it.


Cover reveal: Angels Fall


Here is the cover of my debut novel Angels Fall, which will be released by Lethe Press later this year. I think it’s stunning. My thanks to designer Matt Cresswell of Inkspiral Book & Cover Design, and to my editor, Steve Berman.

Angels Fall cover large

After decades away, vampire Ehrichto Salvatolle has agreed to return, for good, to the polyfidelitous household of his sire, Kabil Dorjan, in exchange for help dealing with his only progeny, Nick. Nick’s penchant for shooting the world’s deadliest neurotoxins into his veins seems to finally be catching up to him. He may be immortal, but he’s wasting away.

Ehrichto is willing to make the sacrifice to save his friend, in part because he’s given up on having the thing he wants most: the kind of lasting romance his parents enjoyed. As a child he was told he wasn’t allowed to have that kind of relationship with another man, while the men with whom he became involved told him he was crazy to want it. Men, everyone else agreed, do not fall in love with other men.

When Ehrichto meets Michael Conway Ferguson he spies a chance to finally be loved by someone with whom he is in love. But does his deal with Dorjan mean it’s too late for that? And even if it isn’t, after internalizing everyone else’s opinions about what he should or shouldn’t desire, can Ehrichto manage to believe that he deserves to be happy?

Releasing this fall from Lethe Press.