It’s odd to find yourself reading two memoirs written by people you know.

I’m not a big fan of memoirs, but I must say, I’m enjoying these two. Go figure. The experience is exciting; I find myself exclaiming “I remember that!” with regularity. Yet it’s frustrating, too, because as similar as my path was/is to the two paths on the page, there are many, many ways in which it was, and is, my own.

One way in which the other paths differ radically from mine is in the penning of a memoir. I can’t imagine doing such a thing. Except with people I know well – and it takes a long time for me to feel that I know someone well – I am very reserved. I’ve gotten better about it, but in my youth it was not unusual for me to take a year just to say hello to someone “new”. So why, you must be asking, am I writing a blog? It’s simple. These days, a writer needs a platform.

Several years ago, hoping for acceptance into the peer-critique and one-on-one instruction aspects of the only writers conference I have yet attended (though that’s about to change), I submitted what was then the first fifty pages of my novel. I made it into the program and my instructor, in his initial comments, remarked: “The writing is good and there’s a story here.” He went on to point out that there were key things in the attached synopsis that did not appear in those first fifty pages, and needed to. I still hesitate to write what I’m about to, but here goes. At our first in-person chat he gave me permission to “come out” as the writer of a novel about a gay vampire.

Some people aren’t interested in vampire stories, and that’s okay. To each their own. I’m less concerned with having to explain why I’m telling a vampire story than I am about having to explain why I’m writing from the perspective of gay characters. (Though I am not entirely ruling out having to explain the vampire POV to a vampire; at the start of the 1990’s I was the co-owner of the BBS The V.I.N.E. or Vampire Information Network and Exchange, the international BBS network VampNet, and the ‘zine entitled Immortal Coil.).

I am concerned that people in the LGBT community will ask, “Why do you feel this is your story to tell?” This blog is my answer.

The writing is good, and there’s a story here. I promise, it’s not what you’re thinking it is….