…stick in my memory from our first trip to L.A. to see one of Michael’s one-man shows. I know; it should be the show itself that is lodged in my brain. I get that. But I was young. Maybe I was too young to really get what was happening onstage except that it was electric and it was all him.

     No, the thing that really stands out about that first trip to L.A. (above and beyond the city, assuredly a character in and of itself) is the lunch my mother and I had with Michael. I remember that the menu included gazpacho – which I had never heard of, but Michael swore was good, and so I ordered (and hated but ate every bite of). The second thing I strongly recall is that there was avocado on my burger. (That, I loved.) Lastly, I remember that the waitress asked Michael for his autograph, and that he good-naturedly granted it. I already thought he walked on water; in many ways, I still do.