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I adore this story. I’ve read it three times, so far, and my enjoyment of it has never diminished. The main character, Kevin, is in that magic state of being young and in love…with everything. With himself, with people who blow his mind, with the endless possibilities of the life which stretches out – seemingly forever – in front of him.

This is just plain fun to read. Kevin has all the time and resources one would expect the son of an upper middle class family to have, as well as the sense of invincibility, willing suspension of disbelief and giddy wonderment which comprise the gullibility of youth. When mysterious strangers take up residence near his home, of course he investigates. How many stories start that way, only to have the other shoe fall and jolt the main character into a different headspace? What I like about this novel is that it doesn’t shatter Kevin’s dreamy, surreal world. For a very long time it feels like he’s getting away with something, and all the while a delicious dread about that other shoe is building….

The first time through I wanted a different ending, but now I think it’s brilliant. Very true to the way life really is. A mentor once taught me that great art asks questions, it doesn’t give answers. Bravo, Mr. Anderson. Bravo.