Here I am once again taking a cue from the brilliant ‘Nathan Burgoine, who described his short story review project as a way to “boost the signal” on stories that he loves. First of all, what a great analogy that is. Secondly, he went on to explain his decision to skip stories he didn’t love by relating what his years in the book retail business have taught him, namely that what he doesn’t cherish, someone else does. See how smart he is?

The actual next story in Best Gay Romance 2013 just isn’t my cup of tea, but it could be yours.

“Viva Las Vegas” by Max Pierce, originally appeared in Best Gay Romance 2008 (Cleis Press).

This is a fun, fast read, and a welcome respite from the heavier subjects of the stories that bookend it. The unnamed main character came to Las Vegas looking for a fun time, but is being ill-treated by the man who invited him. Nothing is as he expected it would be when a mystery man enters the scene and turns his luck around. Not a deep story, but sweet and cute.