“Sight” by Jordan Taylor from Best Gay Romance 2014 (Cleis Press).

Full disclosure: I have a story in this anthology.

This story blew me away. There’s an unexpected twist to it that I don’t want to spoil. Let’s just say I did not see it coming. When I did realize what was going on I was at once in awe of the author’s deft hand and grateful to him for resisting the urge to be more blatant. It wouldn’t have been true to the main character’s POV, nor anywhere near as much fun as it was to figure it out on my own.

I loved, loved, loved the fact that the main character, Noah, is all bent out of shape over the true intentions of his beloved, Archer, and it’s not because of the fact that they are of the same gender. That’s a non-issue, for them as well as for everyone they know.

Understandably, I kept thinking of the authors Tj Klune and Eric Arvin, who are in a similar circumstance at the moment. It’s probably no surprise that I was rooting for a particular ending to this story, and grinning like a loon when it arrived.