The winner and two second place finalists for this year’s contest were announced earlier today. I am honored to have my story chosen as a runner-up. Congratulations to all of the contributors, and thank you to contest judge Jewelle Gomez!

“Corset” by Sally Bellerose – Winner
“Love Thy Neighbor” by N.S. Beranek – Runner up
“Voodoo John” by James Russell – Runner up
“Stinkbug” by Rich Barnett
“Rhinestone Magic” by J.R. Greenwell
“If On A Dark Night Two Strangers Should Come” by William Hawkins
“Beanstalk” by Clifford Henderson
“Eleusis” by Robert Hyers
“Red Coat” by George Jordan
“Mum’s the Word” by Jeff Lindemann
“Sample Day” by Jerry Rabushka