…or, at least, Prop Person, Author, (fingers crossed) Seller of Books.

Today the office where I work played host to a Books Are Fun! book fair. They do this about every six months, usually at the start of summer and just before the holidays. Unfortunately, every time they show up the ratio of books to other stuff (battery-operated fans, stuffed animals, exercise bands) shifts further in favor of non-books. Nevertheless, about fifty percent of what was there today was still books, and I noticed that, for the first time ever, there was a volume of (straight) erotica. I took that as an indication of a certain level of open mindedness by fair organizers as well as by my employer.

So I introduced myself to the two ladies running the fair. I let them know I have published work in three different volumes, all contemporary LGBT fiction. I showed them a copy of the company newsletter my work was featured in, which went out to twenty-six thousand employees in forty-four locations worldwide. I made the case that they are missing out on the LGBT demographic, and that locally there could be sales based on the curiosity factor generated by my being employed there. I gave them copies of my business card, which has this blog’s address on it. They said they will pass it along to the regional manager.

And then, naturally, I bought a book. (No, not the erotica.)

So, we shall see. Hey, what did I have to lose, right? We weren’t selling any books there before. Maybe we will now. I have it on good authority that fortune favors the brave.

Here’s that newsletter, if you missed it before: