“Leaving” by Angela Vitale from Best Lesbian Romance 2012 (Cleis Press). Edited by Radcylffe.

This story captures the excitement of being completely immersed in an ongoing intimate relationship. I want to say it’s a relatively new relationship, but it may be one that is continually renewed by the fact that it is a long distance one.

At the start of the story Ang is watching T as she heads down the front path toward her truck and, ultimately, to the airport and back out of town. Ang doesn’t want the visit to be over yet, so she grabs her cell phone and calls T, then races through the darkened house to the bedroom window. There she cajoles her lover with seductive images until she gets what she wants: T returns to the house and extends the visit for a little while longer. It’s an aspect of romance we haven’t yet seen in this collection, the playfulness of people already committed to one another, undertaking the challenge of keeping the interest and excitement of their union alive.