“House of Memories” by D. Jackon Leigh from Best Lesbian Romance 2012 (Cleis Press). Edited by Radclyffe.

This story really spoke to me, possibly becausd several friends I follow on the internet are in the process of moving, and right now new neighbors are moving in to the house next door to ours. Also because the last five years have seen a lot of upheaval in our lives and the lives of friends and relatives. Loss of jobs, changes of careers, and the relocation to new cities. So yeah, it spoke to me.

When the story starts the unnamed narrator is loading out the last few boxes containing her belongings and the belongings of her lover, who is rushing out the door of their apartment, apparently to meet the cable guy over at the new place. She pauses in the kitchen and looks around, struck by memories from various stages of their relationship. She’s wistful but not melancholy, and it’s not hard to fathom why: this place was her partner’s before they met; the new place will be theirs, and that’s a cheerful, optimistic note on which to end the story.