“A Love Story” by Evan Mora from Best Lesbian Romance 2012 (Cleis Press). Edited by Radclyffe.

This is a cute way to end the anthology. The main character and her lover are sitting under a tree in the park enjoying a beautiful day together. The lover asks to be told a story, and the main character obliges, launching into the fantastical tale of how she met the great love of her life, a story that, we come to realize, has many of the actual details of their meeting and subsequent relationship woven into it. It’s the story of how the main character fell for the lover, only embellished. At the end, as they pack up and head home, the lover makes a suggestion about the flavor the story should take during the next evening’s telling, and you get a sense of the timelessness of this union. There’s the feeling that these two characters will continue to cherish the love they share, and renew it nightly through storytelling, for ever after.