“Goddamn Right” by Georgina Li from Like They Always Been Free (Queer Young Cowboys, 2014).

Loeb and Whit live in a United States that has split into warring factions, the Redeemers and the Resistance. They belong to the latter group, and they work to move people and supplies through the tunnels beneath major cities, doing their part to assist in the effort to take back the nation. The story is chilling because at times it seems the growing divide in this country really could devolve into actual war. And, of course, this sort of thing does go on, is going on right now, in other parts of the world. I liked the story, but it is much bleaker than, say, Ethan and Lucas’ plight in “Spill Your Troubles on Me, Love”. There the problem seemed to be with them, their personal demons. They had somewhat of a grasp on a bad situation, and help seemed not so far away, if only they would decide to seek it. Here the whole world is madness, bullets are flying, and Loeb, perhaps because he is a soldier, or perhaps because Whit is half out of it with fever, comes across as much more reserved than Ethan.