Yes, it’s true. Sixteen months after our first visit to New Orleans, we have managed to liberate the photos from the camera. Hoorah!

Our camera is old, but stalwart. An Olympus. I won’t mention how many (or more correctly, how few) megapixels it has. It’s so old that when I finally managed to find the card reader for it (last weekend), my laptop scratched it’s head and shrugged, as if to say, “What do you expect me to do with that?” Nothing, as it turns out. It could do nothing. So we bought a newer card reader*, and voila! The start of a new daily post.

I’m starting with this photo even though it’s one of the first I took on this year’s trip to NOLA because, well, the minute I saw him I thought he should be the start of the presentation. Like a figurehead on the prow of this figurative ship.


*$9. That’s how much the new card reader cost. Nine dollars. Sometimes Scotch, French (Canadian), Mexican, German, Irish, English, and Welsh can be a less than ideal combination.