“Fools in Love” by Chelsea Crowley from Queer Fish: An Eclectic Anthology of Gay Fiction (Volume One), Pink Narcissus Press, 2011. Edited by Margarita Bezdomnya and Rose Mambert.

Two members of the kingdom don’t get along. The wizard Horatio despises the antics of the Fool. He views the other’s performances as a waste of his valuable time. He has better things to attend to, the much more important business of a learned man.

When the Fool has the audacity to single Horatio out during a performance, and mercilessly mock him, the wizard goes to the King. As punishment, the Fool is sent to work as the wizard’s servant for a period of one month.

Naturally, once they get acquainted they discover they are not so very different after all. In fact, they’re rather drawn to one another.