“Super Love” by Chris Helton from Queer Fish (Volume One) from Pink Narcissus Press, 2011. Edited by Margarita Bezdomnya and Rose Mambert.

We’re starting to see more and more depictions of gay superheroes. Sometimes the wrongs they work to right are related to LGBT social justice issues, as in ‘Nathan Burgoine’s Lambda Award-nominated young adult novel Light. Sometimes the characters are superheroes who simply also happen to be gay, as is the case with this story. Both types are welcome.

This isn’t so much a tale about fighting evil; it’s about doing what it takes to have a successful relationship. It’s about the importance of putting the other person first rather than expecting them to be the one who always compromises, and about making sure that individual interests don’t become a wedge that drives a couple apart. It’s just that the job that takes up all the time of one of the characters happens to be one that requires him to wear spandex and a cape.