“A Zealous Advocate” by Carsen Taite from Night Shadows: Queer Horror (Bold Strokes Books, 2012). Edited by Greg Herren and J.M. Redmann.

This is the first story by the author that I’ve read (though I’ve seen her name all over the place for quite some time) and I’m flummoxed. There’s an aspect to this story you should discover for yourself. Let me say it was great fun to read, and that the viewpoint character, a lawyer, has some extremely admirable traits. She’s intelligent, strong-willed, and self-assured.

My only criticism is that I wish there was more actual conflict in this. There’s potential conflict in the form of a late-arriving nemesis and an uncharacteristic mistake the villain makes, but pretty much she’s going to get away with a carefully hatched and almost spotlessly executed plan, and we’re just along for the ride.

I look forward to reading much more by this author.