“A Letter to My Brother, relating Recent Events with Unintended Consequences” by Carol Rosenfeld from Night Shadows: Queer Horror (Bold Strokes Books 2012). Edited by Greg Herren and J.M. Redmann.

I was not expecting full-blown humor in this anthology, but I’m glad it made it in. This piece is lighthearted and fun, and unless I’m completely losing my mind, is the first epistolary short story in the project so far. It may well turn out to be the only one.

Laura is writing to her brother Rick, telling him about the odd turn of events that has befallen her. I believe Laura is a middle-aged socialite not ready to give up her wild ways. She’s not going to morph into a boring cougar; she’s far too unconventional for that. No, what she decided to do, one week ago, is place an online ad, looking to hook up with a goth (or an emo). She’s interested in the vampire scene. She wants to find out what all the fuss is about concerning the Anne Rice and Twilight “trends”. Now, neither of those is exactly new anymore, but she thinks they are, which means that she’s detached from the clock and completely out of touch with pop culture. She lives in a bubble. She’s rich enough to be that out of the loop, and she’s bored with life, and yet she’s still naïve.

She’s fascinating, in other words, and practically a vampire already. And that’s the thing. She’s writing to her brother Rick to tell him about the strange transformation she’s undergone since the night her online ad brought an actual vampire to her bed. From the comments she makes to Rick along the way, you get the feeling that her brother is her mirror image, tearing it up all over the globe. I imagine she’s going to turn him, too, and I get the impression that being undead isn’t going to change their lifestyle very much at all, actually, which is kind of fascinating. What a commentary on the 1%, right?

I would love to see more installments of their story.