“Cinema Love” by Aaron Chan from Best Gay Romance 2012 (Cleis Press). Edited by Richard Labonté.

Kaslo, called  Kaz, disdains movies made prior to the year 2000. His best friend Chris, a budding film student, drags him to screenings of the classics at a local movie theater. Chris, though, isn’t really trying to open Kaz’s eyes to great films. Well, not simply that. He’s discovered a potential love interest for his buddy in the guy who works the ticket counter at the movie theater. The stranger and Chris share a love for the classics and also, it turns out, a love for bantering with Kaz about their merits. The stranger, though, adds an element for Kaz that Chris cannot: romance.

I loved this sweet story. I can see these three guys many years on, possibly with the addition of a female love interest for Chris, arguing good-naturedly about a film they just watched together, and reveling in the good fortune of having great friends.