“Terence” by Eric Norris from Glitterwolf: Issue four, 2013. Edited by Matt Cresswell.

I’m not going to lie. I had trouble puzzling out what was happening in this piece of experimental fiction. It made me research A. E. Housman, though, and get re-acquainted with the poem “To an Athlete Dying Young”. That’s not a bad thing, and good god, it led me to that author’s “De Amicitia (Of Friendship)”, which was never mentioned in any of the Honors English classes I attended. Had someone chosen to put that work, rather than “To an Athlete” on the syllabus at the end of my freshman year I might have switched from Journalism to English instead of Theatre within the College of Communications at SIU.

The product of two theatre aficionados (my mother was a classically trained actress, my father a fan of Shakespeare), I was mad for the theatre. When, at the initial meeting of Theatre History I, my professor, Dr. Alfred Straumanis, announced that the department needed volunteers to build sets for the season’s productions, I not only answered the call, I practically moved in to the Scene Shop. (To their eternal credit, when I revealed my intention to switch majors my parents responded, “If you don’t, it will be the worst mistake of your life.”) I did, and was rewarded with nineteen years of full time employment.

Now we turn back to the original path.