“The End of Our Broadcast Day” by Thomas Kearnes from Wilde Magazine: A Magazine of Art and Literature with a Queer Edge, Issue One, Winter 2012. Edited by Lucia Guatney.

Dexter is enrolled in a drug rehab program. The apartment complex the program’s participants live in is run like a college dormitory of decades ago, but the residents, naturally, compare it to a prison. Coming off thirty years as an alcoholic, Dexter navigates the politics of the complex while he comes to terms with life as a middle-aged gay man and wrestles with the demons of his past. By turns wry and poignant, it’s an interesting piece that makes me eager to read the author’s two short story collections, Pretend I’m Not Here (Musa Publishing) and Promiscuous (JMS Publishing).

(For a review of “This Won’t Hurt a Bit” by the same author, see Short Stories 365/216.)