“Light and Dark” by Damon Shaw from The Lavender Menace: Tales of Queer Villainy!, Northwest Press, 2013. Edited by Tom Cardamone.

I’d previously read and enjoyed the story “Air Tears” by this author (Short Stories 365/261) so I was glad to see his name in the Table of Contents for this volume. This is a vastly different story than the other. The setting is a world in which superheroes and super villains rule the skies. We see the world through the eyes of a quasi-supernatural character named Mirror. (Yes, that’s a nod to the magic mirror in Snow White.) Mirror is a minion of Armeggon. Armeggon’s nemesis is the good guy Lightnore. They are the last of their kind, fated to fight to the death.

You think it’s really that cut-and-dried? Ha ha. Think again. This is a world of black and white and grey.

Side note: Moments ago I saw a comment online that seemed to indicate that today is the author’s birthday. I wouldn’t be surprised; I have a knack for inadvertently featuring people on important days. If it is indeed your birthday, sir, I hope it’s a great one.