The next story in the anthology is actually “Beanstalk” by Clifford Henderson, but I already reviewed it (Short Stories 365/133). I was excited when I saw the author’s name in the table of contents, and then disappointed that it wasn’t a story new to me. Oh well, maybe next time.

“SWF seeks FGM” by Allison Wonderland from Myth and Magic: Queer Fairy Tales by Bold Strokes Books, 2014. Edited by Radclyffe and Stacia Seamen.

The Wicked Stepmother of the Cinderella story has placed a personals ad seeking to meet a fairy godmother, on the premise that opposites attract. It’s an interesting set-up, but her relationship goals and those of the woman who answers her ad take a backseat to the language of the piece. Here, again, we have an entry that really needs to be read aloud. It has a cadence not dissimilar to the work of slam poets. This is a writer who can’t help but play with all the various aspects of words, including auditory, expressing every sentiment in multiple layers. What fun.