“Red” by Andi Marquette from Myth and Magic: Queer Fairy Tales by Bold Strokes Books, 2014. Edited by Radclyffe and Stacia Seamen.

Ah, here we go. After some light, humorous fare we’re getting down to darker tales.

Rebeca, aka “Red”, used to be one of the best werewolf hunters in the land, but she’s reformed. She changed her ways when she met and fell for Isadora. Poor Isadora has been lying low, taking a potion meant to keep her from shifting form. A powerful poison, the concoction is killing her. Add in the fact that Isadora’s neighbors are growing suspicious of Rebeca’s constant visits to check on her “sick friend”, and that the other hunters have begun to question why Rebeca hasn’t tracked prey in a very long time, and what you have is a ticking time bomb. There’s only one course of action left: they must pay a visit to Rebeca’s grandmother, who lives in the woods.

I absolutely adored this refreshing take on a classic.