“The Princess and the Frog” by Barbara Davies from Myth and Magic: Queer Fairy Tales from Bold Strokes Books, 2014. Edited by Radclyffe and Stacia Seaman.

I was on the edge of my seat through most of this tale. I fell hard for the adorable pairing of Princess Margery and her girlfriend, the chamberlain’s daughter, Bruna, and I was offended when the moralizing ambassador Tokju, after seeing the two kissing, called them “disgusting perverts”. Mostly I was concerned that no one in the kingdom would realize that he’d cursed Bruna and turned her into a frog. I feared they would banish or even kill her, and all would not come to a happy end.

The intro says this story is based on “The Princess and the Frog”, which as far as I can tell is a Disney movie built around a telling of “The Frog Prince” by the Brothers Grimm. This story borrows elements from the latter work (I haven’t seen the Disney film) but truly feels like something new, refreshing, and welcome.