“The Haunted Heart” by Jameson Currier from The Haunted Heart and Other Tales, Chelsea Station Editions 2014. Originally published by Lethe Press, 2009.

This story really lives up to its name. It tells the tale of the haunted heart of Raymond Hennegar, a sailor turned merchant who died restless and unfulfilled. It’s also the story of Josh and Wade, the two young men who unwittingly attract his attention when they meet outside his home. Raymond has been haunting the residence’s present day dwellers, but they bore him. Josh and Wade’s budding relationship is far more interesting.

“Ghost” story doesn’t do this tale justice. It’s an examination of our speculation about the afterlife. Raymond starts out a mischievous spirit but, after latching on to Josh and Wade, evolves into a muse and then a guardian angel. He even gets a little demonic when what’s needed with one of them is a tough love approach. All the while, he’s working though the unresolved issues of his own mortal life. Involving himself in their budding relationship proves cathartic.