“Death in Amsterdam” by Jameson Currier from The Haunted Heart and Other Tales,  Chelsea Station Editions 2014. Originally published by Lethe Press, 2009.

Another 180 degree turn. Here we have a story that feels like a thriller, until it feels like a murder mystery.

Brian is an American journalist on assignment in Amsterdam, sent to get the scoop on a recent spate of attacks on gay businesses and citizens. The rumor on the street is that the tension between the gay community and conservative Islamic immigrants to the country has just reached its boiling point. The mainstream media hasn’t covered the story, but the paper Brian works for is geared to the LGBT community; it’s his job to figure out whether or not the city is still safe for gay tourists. It means, of course, that he goes looking for trouble…and finds it.

Yet another ghost story that doesn’t feel like a ghost story, in a surprisingly eclectic collection.